I have been a practicing Buddhist in the Tibetan tradition since 1997 and spent two years as a nun from 2006 -2008.

I began practicing yoga with Abby Hoffman in 2005 in the Ashtanga tradition before modifying my practice to include Vinyasa flow and, more recently, have felt deeply inspired by the approach to yoga by the late Vanda Scaravelli. I continue to develop my teaching and practice through further training with teachers such as John Stirk, Diane Long, Sandra Sabatini and Michel Havkin amongst others.


I originally trained as an an actor at Guildford School of Acting and have been a teacher of acting and performance since 1996. I currently work in the drama department at the University of East Anglia since obtaining my PhD in 2017 (Buddhism and performance art). I have always been interested in hybrid practices so, continuing in this vein, my workshops are designed around specific combinations such as yoga + mindfulness meditation, yoga + creative writing, yoga +  art, yoga for actors, and yoga for singers. The practice lends itself seamlessly to the development of the free human being and so is ideal for working alongside other disciplines.

I am particularly focussed on the relationship between yoga asana (the physical practice of yoga) and the subtle energy systems of the body. My classes aim to help students develop more awareness of their own energy and the innate wisdom of our own bodyminds - yoga as a practice of self inquiry and self research, a chance to experiment with curiosity and to use the tools learned on the mat towards realising the life we want to lead off the mat.