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with Melanie Willsher and Pema Clark


A yoga and meditation course, in the lineage of Vanda Scaravelli, for

beginners and ongoing practitioners.

A six day course (10:00 to 4:30pm with a shared lunch) to develop and

deepen into bodyfeelings, into finding and touching ground.

Course Programme 2022:

19TH MARCH Intuitive, experiential awareness of weight and rooting

with gravity, and lightness comes from that contact.

30TH APRIL Whole body breathing and the natural rhythm of the spine

More space, more roots into the ground.

21ST MAY How can we keep finding balance in our practice?

Light attention, play, being creative, curious to rediscover our natural

movements and breath.

18TH JUNE Feeling connections as we deepen our practice

The vital core of the body, the spine, is alive and connected, opening

and releasing.

2ND JULY Quiet awareness, breath and freedom

Opening to unexpected sensations, being with the moment.

10TH SEPTEMBER The heart of this intimate, personal process.

Trusting not knowing. Listening, following and understanding the bodies’

own intelligence.

In our approach, the practise will invite us to uncover and awaken the

yoga poses, to play with, enjoy and to let go of. There will be time to

undo, question and find out what works for you as an ongoing

exploration of yoga, that enables an awakening of the instinct of the

body, to move and settle through the breath. Guidance on how to

meditate with comfortable sitting , will be part of our sessions. Please

bring your own mat and blanket.


6 days £300

3 days £165

1 day £60

Number of days must be booked for and paid in advance.


Unit 20 Skylight Yoga Studio, Aylsham Business Estate, Shepheards

Close, AYLSHAM, North Norfolk, NR116SZ

About Us:


Melanie has been teaching yoga since 2000, and trained with the

BWY.Her main influence has been the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.

She is also inspired by Authentic Movement. The subtle rhythms of

yoga, and contemporary somatic movement work enable us to be

more at ease in our bodies, looser, freer, lighter and taller, whole and



Phone 07931144014

Pema began her yoga journey in 1997, becoming a Buddhist in the

Tibetan tradition. She began practising yoga in 2005. Taking

inspiration from Melanie Willsher, Diane Long and Pete Blackaby,

amongst others, she incorporates somatic movement with her interest

in experiential and fascial anatomy, meditation and Buddhist yoga

philosophy. Pema has a PhD in Buddhism and Performance Art from

the University of East Anglia, where she lectures in drama. She is

also a yoga teacher trainer.


Phone 07792 613783

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